Hello, this is Jack fromtofluency.com
along with Kate. And today we’re going to
talk about, well, you introduced the topic
today. Yes, so today’s topic is going to be.
one that I came up with. It’s Online
Shopping. Online shopping.- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, and we’ve made a list of a few
different topics around this where I’m going
to talk about a couple of my recent orders.
Mm-hmm The a trending online shopping.
And also things like me all delivery services,
too. Mm-hmm. Okay. Before we get started
too much, I had these on but there is a little
bit too much glare. This is where the
conversation came from. These are my new
glasses. Mm-hmm I ordered them online. I

just picked out the style, uploaded my
subscription. And a week later I had some
glasses. Oh your prescription. Mm-hmm.
Yeah, not subscription. Yeah, yeah.
Prescription So, yeah, glasses prescription is
basically telling how strong you need them.
What kind of lenses to make Mm-
hmm.Yeah. And I think that’s an interesting
place to start because if you think back 10
years the thought of getting glasses online.
Yeah Because when online shopping started
people thought, okay, it’s gonna be for items
that you don’t need to try on. Mm-hmm. But
companies that got around this by allowing
you to try things on for free as long as you
give themyour credit card details. So, just
today, I’m goingto get some new glasses. So
I’ve ordered five pairs and they’re going to

deliver these to our house. I’m gonna try
them on, choose my favorite one, send them
all back, and then they’ll put the right lenses
in. Mm-hmm. But I think that’s a good
example of something that you just never
thought was gonna happen. Yeah, no
way.Yeah. Yeah, all sorts of things. Like we
bought a mattress online a few years ago.
Mm-hmm They had an amazing refund
policy. Uh-huh. Do you remember? Yeah, so
they took all the risk out, so you could get
the mattress and then if you didn’t like it,
you could return it. Mm-hmm. No questions
asked. – Yeah. Or donate it. No, you could
donate it to charity. Uh-huh. And you get
your money back. Yep. I wonder if they still
do that? I think so. I think that’s a pretty key
part of their model because you don’t want

to spend hundreds of dollars, or even now a
larger mattresses, a thousand. Give or take–
Yeah. And not know if you’ll like it. Yeah, so
do you do a lot of online shopping? Do
you?(chuckles) – We both do, don’t we?-
Yeah. Yeah.- We do. And it’s just
becomesuch a convenience now. Mm-hmm.
With fast shippingtimes, refund policies. I
think I might’ve this before, but what if my
new year’s resolution for 2020 was not to
goto the grocery store more than five times
a year. Mm-hmm. Because I got used
togrocery shopping online and getting it
delivered. And then the Corona virus hit.
And everyone was online shopping anyway.
And you couldn’t get any times available.
Yeah, so you were ahead ofthe curve, but
then the curve- The curve did something

incredible. Yeah, so there’s so many things
you can get online now, but I think we need
to talk about the one website that’s really
taken over here in the US. Mm-hmm.
Probably I think in the UKand other parts of
Europe. I think in the world– In the world.
Really. Yeah, actually that’s agreat question
for today. Is amazon.com popular where you
live? And do you use this websiteto buy
things online? I remember they started
outby just having books, right? Mm-hmm. So
it was an online bookstore. It was. And do
you remember one of their tactics to
increase their customer base? – I don’t. So, I
think it wasthe bookstore Borders. Uh-huh.
Which used to be very popular. Yes. And
they said to Borders, “okay we can ship your
books around the US for a very low price

ifwe get the customer data”. And Borders
said, “yes,that sounds amazing”. And they
thought, “I think this is right”. I’ll leave a link
toan article about this. So you can read
about it. And Borders thought, “yeah, this is
great.We’re getting a great deal” because
Amazon’s takingcare of all of this for us. But
little by little thatcustomer list went to
Amazon. Amazon sent them emails,
followups, then people were buyingfrom the
Amazon store. That makes sense, yeah. I’m
sort of done stufflike that all the time. But I
was thinking about Amazon as well because
there’s a push back against it because it’s a
big store. Mm-hmm. It takes over, and
it’skilling independent stores, independent
bookstores. But I was thinking aboutthis
because we also know people who

createstuff and they use Amazon and they
love Amazon. Mm-hmm.- To sell that items
around the country. Yeah. So it also supports
people who want to use a fully
integratedlogistical system. Mm-hmm. To
sell stuff and deliver stuff online. Yeah, we
have a few friendswho have opened Amazon
stores, selling various things. Some of them
have broken even, some of them have
beenreally successful with it. Mm-hmm.- A
few people have not, but it is definitely
aforce to be reckoned with, especially after
last year. Yeah, oh yeah. Last year, well, I
mean, we know people in ourneighborhood
and ourselves- – Mm-hmm. When everyone
was stuck at home, people ordered things
thatmaybe they didn’t need, we didn’t need,
butthinking if we were gonna be at home all

this time,then let’s make it fun. Let’s make it
excitingand have good stuff to do. Yeah,
what was one example of that? Like, well,
we knowpeople who got hot tubs? Mm-
hmm. Swimming pools.- Mm-hmm. Or, you
know, we gota little paddling pool. I think
that actuallywas from beforehand. A paddle
pool.- But we did… I did get a lot of books.
Yeah.(chuckles) You got chickens in a
chicken coop. I did, but I did notget those
from Amazon. No, but you got it online,
right? I did.- Yeah. So everyone was buying
things online- Mm-hmm. And then there was
ashortage of certain items, too. Yeah. But
yeah, Amazon isdefinitely taken over here,
and people have that, “ugh,I don’t want to
use it because such a big company is taken
over”. But the convenience seems to win

out. Mm-hmm.- Yeah. It does. Yeah, online
shopping. So, in the past it used to be books.
We used to buy books online. Also, Netflix
just used tobe DVDs delivery, right? Yes, I
remember you gotto order, was it five?
Yeah. I think five sticksin my head as a
number, and they would come, andyou
could watch the DVDs, and then return
them. Mm-hmm, instead ofgoing to your
local store- Yes And getting the DVDs from
there. Uh-huh. So, there is this movetowards
people buying things at home online and
theycan get it delivered. So Amazon has
taken over. I’ve just bought a new cap,which
I’m very excited about. (both chuckles)
You’re probably gonnaget to see this cap.
Because I think once it arrives, well, either
you’re gonna love it, or you’re gonna hate it.

Yeah- But if you love it, I don’t think you’re
gonna take it off. I’m doing Instagram, orgo
to Fluency on Instagram. Uh-huh. And then
you can see thenew cap once it arrives. It’s
something else. It’s a little bit different.
Yeah, it’s very, very style… Bold stylishly. –
Yeah.- Yeah. But it was something thatI
wanted to treat myself, and that’s the one
thing… But it was more expensivethan I’m
willing to spend. But you were laughing a
little bit because in terms of, youknow, the
overall prices. Well, for how much
youwanted this hat and, how… So, can I say
the price of it or- – No.- No, okay. No, they’ll
have to goon Instagram to find out. To find
out. For the price of the hat, you have been
agonizingabout this for weeks. I would say
agonizing. I would say agonizing. (both

chuckles) I just won today.- I was just…
Sometimes I see you looking at your phone-
They keep targeting me on Instagram. Oh,
that’s the other thing. Yes.- Instagram
shopping. Yep, Instagram shoppinghas
become very popular now. Uh-huh. Yeah, so
this is where you get targeted with ads for
certain things. And for example, I’llbuy a
shirt like this, or look up a shirt like this, and
then suddenly every other ad is, “hey, what
about this shirt?”,”what about this shirt?”,
from all different companies. Not just the
company I was looking at. Mm-hmm, you
know whatI find really annoying? Go on.
Have you ever been looking for something
for a really long time? Mm-hmm.- You finally
decided to buy it. You pull the trigger.- Mm-
hmm. So you actually buy it online. And

yeah, pull thetrigger, that’s a good one. And
then you keep onseeing ad, after ad, after ad
for that same thing, only better, and less
expensive- Mm-hmm. And better reviewed
and it’llcome faster and you just… Yeah.= It’s
really frustrating. – Well, you can’t win it all- –
No- Win them all. But, yeah, I mean, it’s
notlike we buy too much on them. We go
through phases, don’t we, really? Yeah. Like
how we go through a phase in spring when I
get my summer clubs out and think, “I
didn’treally wear that last year, I didn’t wear
this, I didn’t wear that”. And I’ll donate those
clothes, and maybe buy three or fournew
Tshirts for the year. But I do have a little bit
of a problem at the moment with
something. What?- Books? Oh yeah, mm-
hmm? And there’s a meme isn’tthere that I

showed you? Yeah. What a person’s looking
at, or the the woman is lookingat the guy to
say like, “all the books that I’ve bought
recently”, and then a guy…”and not read”.
And then the guy’slooking at “oh, new
book”. Yep.- Yeah. I think it’s called likeyour,
“to be read pile”? Yeah, I’ve got a big
pile,and the big thick books. I know. And the
hard books to read. (both chuckles) They’re
like college books are classics. So, yeah. But
I’m using thrift books for that. Well, you…
I’ve always had a book. Just leave it down.
I’ve always had a lot of books, and had a
really hardtime getting rid of books. Yes, and
I go throughphases as well thinking, “I
should get digital books because they don’t
take upspace and it’s more minimalist”, but
trying to reducescreen time, therefore… And

I don’t like… I prefer a proper book to read
rather than a digital one. Mm-hmm.- Yeah. I
got really hookedon digital books though.
Especially when the kids were little. Mmmm.
And they would fall asleep in my lap, and I
couldn’t really move, or I was taking care of
them. And so it was so easy to pull out my
phone and pull up a book– It wasn’t easy.
And just scroll like this Because with our first
child, Mm-hmm.- You only had a laptop.
That’s true. We didn’t have phones. Oh my
gosh, did I read on my laptop? Yes. I’ve read
them on my laptop. Do you remember that?
So it must’ve beenlike balancing my laptop,
and Thomas and… Because we got a phone
whenI think Thomas was about one. Yeah.
Because it would justput it off, and put it off.
Yeah, we didn’t bother.- Because we knew

this world. We knew it was gonnatake over,
and it has. Yeah. And that’s the
podcastepisode you can listen to. I’ll leave a
link in the description. Where I talk
aboutsocial media, and phones, and how
they’ve taken over. And there’s no going
back. There’s no going button now. I don’t
know, that’s a little bit… I mean, there’s no
completely going back, but I think that
there’s a way to get some more healthy
boundaries- – Yes,- Around using a phone.
But the trend is gonna be more and more.
Like phones, wearables, voice,you know,
everything else. Mm-hmm. Face recognition.
I talked to someone todaywho gave me a
phone number, and she wrote it down on a
scrap of paper because she didn’t have a
smartphone. Oh, really? Uh-huh, and that is

souncommon where we are. Well, it was
uncommonwhen we didn’t have them. Yeah,
like– Everyone couldn’t believe… No one
can… Everyone had a smartphone- Six years
ago. Uh-huh.- And we didn’t, did we?. Yeah,
and then we were so busy. I didn’t know
how to use mine. (chuckles) I was teaching
13 yearolds and 14 year olds. And I would
make videos of their class presentations,or
assignments. And they would have to
showme how to use my phone. They told me
like, “youcan rotate your phone”. And I had
no idea.I had no idea. Yeah.- Mm-hmm. So,
anyway, so yeah, thebooks I got at the
moment are from thrift books, which are
secondhand, which I feel better
about.(chuckles) And I’m trying also clothes.
I tried to get them from eBay second hand

too.- Oh yeah? I try to buy second hand
clothes. Yeah, especially because… That’s
the thing, isn’t it? Because with
clothesshopping, bored on online you don’t
know if it’s gonna fit you. Mm-hmm. And I
think they’d knowthat a certain percentage
of people, or a certainpercentage of orders,
won’t come back becausepeople miss the
date, mainly us, too- Yep. We’re not good at
sending things back- – No.- Are we? Not at
all. But with eBay, if you knowyour size, you
know the item, then you can go on eBay and
save 50%. Yeah.- True. And then I want to
talkabout meal delivery services. Mm-hmm.
Because I never thought,I would never ever
thought that this would have happened.
(chuckles) Where you just get fooddelivered
to your door. Yeah.- We use a local company

now. Uh-huh.- And- Called Mother Earth
Produce. Yeah. Cure in the Asheville area.-
Mmhmm. And they deliver fromlocal
produce companies, and different… Like,
you can get milk,you can get other things,
but mainly vegetables at the moment. Mm-
hmm. But there’s also nationwide ones that
are now doing very, very well. Meal delivery
is huge. And also just ordering from a
restaurant on an app is so popular now. Oh
yeah. And people have kind of like, there’s a
personal shopper. Do you know what I’m
talking about? So people– For clothes? Or
for groceries. For groceries? As well.- Oh
yeah, yeah. That’s massive. It’s unbelievable.
That was very rare, but for last year.- But
that’s what I was using. Uh-huh. And it used
to be my little secret. (chuckles) I personally

liked the experience of going grocery
shopping. I like to look at the tomatoes. I like
to smell them.- Mm-hmm. I like
to…(chuckles) I mean, not too much,but you
know, enough, waft, waft them, you
know,pick them up and look at them. Find
the best ones. No wonder you take so long.-
I can have, like… I know, I go into thegrocery
store and it’s like, I’m going into likehunting,
and gathering mode. Mm-hmm. Like I’m
completely in the zone. Yeah, I think we’re
different now because I just like to know
what I want. Have the list already done.-
Mmhmm. And just go da, da, da, da, da, da.
It takes like three minutes. That’s nice.-
Yeah, it is nice. Yeah.- Yeah. I don’t know, I
have likea map of the grocery store in my
head though.- Mm-hmm. And so, you know,

I couldprobably go grocery shopping in my
sleep.- Mm-hmm. Except Trader
Joe’s,changes it up a lot. Do they?- Mm-
hmm. Oh, they do quite often, don’t they?
Mm-hmm. I don’t like it when they change it
up. I’ve started to crave that excitement. I
used to highly dislikeit, and they haven’t-
(chuckles)- Crave that excitement. I know,
I’m also a littlebit addicted to Trader Joe’s.
The grocery store.- Yeah. I used to resist it.
They would come out with like, they would
take away my favoritepasta, for example,
and put out a new one, and I wouldbe so
disappointed and upset. But now I’m like,
“oh, whatkind of pasta do we have now?” –
Mm-hmm.- Like… I get really excited about
that. Yeah, good. Well, yeah, I prefer just to
do it online and then also get the meatfrom

the local farm here. Mm-hmm.- And they… I
used to like go into the store but now
they’re doing the whole, wait in your car, do
the order the day before, and they’ll just put
it in your trunk, but you have to go to the…
And they do delivery too, yeah. Now– Go
on, you’ve got something, Yeah.- you got…
Well, I have a question.- Uh-huh. Because
one thing about online shopping, are
subscriptions.- Mm-hmm. So a lot of times
whenyou are buying something you’re not
just buying one item. A very common
businessmodel for online shopping, is that
the stores haveyou get a subscription where
every single month, or week, or after a
period of time, maybe a season. Yep. You get
a new item delivered. – Yeah, they’re doing
this for… I mean Wine clubs are really

popular now. Mm-hmm. Yeah, our friend
just started one. So, check it out in the
description. We’ll leave a link to it. And they
do other things too. – What?(chuckles) I
just… Oh, he’s fine, he’s just fine. So, the
Wine clubs, yet subscription is foreverything,
like meat. There’s a big one for me as well. I
think it’s called Butcher Box. There is, oh you
go on, couldn’t you? I’m struggling for
examples. Okay, so there’s anything that you
want. There’s book of the month club.- Tea –
There’s tea. There’s chocolate.- Coffee.
Coffee. Yeah, and just buying a product, like
if you buy it through a store, a lot of times
they’ll have it in as an automatic recurring
payment. Yeah.- For awhile I was trying, like
a…Not a sleeping pill, but like a vitamin for
sleeping. Mm-hmm. And so they put me ona

monthly subscription. Oh yeah.They’re
expensive too, aren’t they? Oh yeah, most of
the thingslike they really sell you on the
product, you reallybelieve in the product.
They do have really good marketing. You see
somebody on Instagramand they were so
happy. Yeah.- They’re endorsing it. And you
click subscribe- Yeah. And then six months
later, (chuckles) Yeah, it happens.- You have
to try to figure out how to unsubscribe.
Yeah, I got rid of a lotof subscriptions
recently. And it’s also happening with apps
as well. So, entertainment, upstream and
services. It used to be just either you watch
cable, or satellite. What’d you call it here,
satellite too? I guess so. Yeah, and then
Netflixwas your stream in one. That was the
only one. And then Amazon Prime, now

Disney Plus, and everyone’s doing it. HBO.-
Yeah. So many of them are just coming in
now. And then the issue… And again,
YouTube TV anddifferent ones came in
where you didn’t have to have cable. And
cable used to be, or it still is aroundlike
between 80 and $120. And then you had
these ones coming like, with it, to choose
which ones you want. Like quite about all
right,price is up next month to 40. You know,
it’s still cheaper. And then YouTube TV is like
65, 70 now. A month?- Yeah. Holy moly.-
That’s why I canceled it. How much are
Netflix,or Amazon right now? Well Netflix is
the same as well. So Netflix went from,
Ithink it was 10 to 15, 10 to 20 for the one
we were using. But then I got on the lower
service. Yeah, I feel like we’redoing our

admin here. I know, we’re like,we’re having
a conversation about all this
subscriptionsthat we need to cancel. But
yeah, you talk to the families too. And
they’re saying, “yeah, we’re on all these
subscriptions”. And this is the thing, it’s just,
everything is subscription-based. And they’ll
try and get you in, and people think I’ve got
to do it, and it just becomes expensive. And
you can probably get rid of it all. I think
we’re alwayslooking for shortcuts as people
looking for things to be easier. And you
know, and Ithink that’s the appeal of getting
subscriptions,or these services but it kind of
takes away from the spontaneous feel of
things, you know?- Yeah, oh it does. And you
don’t thinkabout every purchase. You don’t
really like, you know,choose what movie to

watch. For example, you’re justlike, “ah
something” Yeah.- You know. That’s the
other thing. If I’m online food shoppingand
something’s on offer I will get 10 of it,
whatever it is, for example.- That’s probably
smart. But then I go to the shop and there
putting 10 in your cart feels a little bit too
much.- Yeah, Do you know what I mean?-
Oh, I know what you mean. Yeah.- Uh-huh.
You know what I mean? I know, I always like,
soprobably my biggest advice- Sorry, I’ll just
say I would never go to a store and
spendthat much money on a cap.
(chuckles)Seriously though. I would never go
to a store,- The hat. See a cap, and think,-
Uh-huh. I’m gonna buy that for that price.
Oh man, when you see it, it’ll be like,
“ooooh”.- Yeah? I better change my life. I

mean, I think it’s definitely gonna change
your lifehopefully in a positive way. Yeah,
maybe you’ll just send me into a different
personality, and… There you go.- Yeah,
negatively. (both chuckles) The cap that
turns Jack evil. I’m gonna annoy everybody.
Be like, flushing theseout, you know, wassup
bro. Wassup bro.- Not much bro, nice hat.
Yeah, just to go back to meal delivery, we
enjoyed that this timelast year, didn’t we?
Mm-hmm, well, I did.- That was pretty good.
I think I might’ve mentioned- I enjoyed it,
too. That in the last… Yeah.- Did you? No,
you were getting the meal delivery and I
didn’t want it,- Mm-hmm. But then you
ended upcooking most evenings. So I was
happy about thatand it turned out fine But
the problem was thatI was a little stressed

out last year,- Mm-hmm, mmhmm.
Everything was shutting down. I didn’t know
what was gonna happen. I mean, nobody
did, right?- Yeah. And so when I got themeal
delivery service, I didn’t get just one. I got
like several and… Yeah, oh you got all those
veggies, too. Yeah, and I, and I also
hadsubscribed to Mother Earth, which we
still love and use, but also like a
differentvegetable subscription. Mm-hmm.-
Yeah, it was bad. I also got like, 350 pounds
of meat. Yep.- Which was amazing. It was on
super sale. Because what happened was…
Because all the restaurants closed down, the
local farms lost all there orders. So they said,
“look we’ve got all this meatthat we have to
get rid of”. It’s 60, 70% off.- Yeah. And I was
like, pop, pop, pop, pop. And it was the same

with beer, Oh yeah.- All delivered, right? It
was 25 cents a can. Yeah, and for like really-
– Free delivery. Really, you know, good craft
beer. Oh yeah, local craft beer. And you
know, they’djust been in production, and
had all of these cases and cases, and cases of
beer. Again, because restaurants closed
down. Mm-hmm, yeah. I think we did quite
wellat that time, actually. I mean, it was a
strange time, but there were some silver
linings to it. Yeah, but I think agood
summary here is that, subscriptions and
onlineshopping, you know, and it’s
obviously, like wecan, if we have some type
of disposable income toafford that kind of
thing. But at the same time, it can take over
and before you know, it’s like a creep. And
it’s not just us. I know of the people

talkabout this all the time, but it seems like
there isthis trend now toward… Just as a
little bit of a tangent, but I remember
readingthat a lot of millennials weren’t
getting carsbecause their expenses now, are
of the things. The mobile phone, it’s likea
hundred dollars a month. Then internet
service. So they can’t afford cars, or it’s not
part of the lifestyle? In terms of, if they can
afford or not, it’s not a priority over the
other stuff that they would have to budget
for. Oh yeah.- Does that make sense? It
does. And obviously people are living in
cities where they can get around which is my
latest podcast episode. Oh yeah. Talks about
sidewalks,lack of sidewalks in the US. We
used to not have a car. No, I love to walk in
every… This is what I wassaying, it’s what I

miss. You walk everywhere. In Spain when
we were taking groceries up seven flights of
stairs. And water, because youcouldn’t drink
the tap water. Oh yeah. Or at least people
said we couldn’t. I mean, I trust them.
(chuckles)- Yeah. Whenever somebody
saysdon’t drink the water. I think it’s usually
a good policy. Remember what I told
youthat when we came on holiday to the
US?- Mm-hmm. Everyone in the UK don’t
drink no water. They did.- Yeah. Why? Well,
they said that it’sjust not good for you, it’s
bad. I think every countryI’ve been to on a
holiday, it’s like, “Oh, don’t drinkno water,
it’s bad water”. Spain was one- I mean that
was Spanishpeople were talking like that. Do
you ask?- Uh-huh. Yeah. But I wouldn’t
saydon’t drink the water. The tap water. Uh-

huh.- Yeah. Is that because of the flood?
Well back in the day, probably not. But now
it’s probablya good reason not to. I think
Florida hasbeen a part of city water for that
long. Maybe that’s why then. Because I don’t
think theyput that in the tap water. They put
fluoride, which is a mineral? A mineral.
Mineral that, likestrengthens your teeth, but
in excess can have negative. One also did,
well, we’renot gonna talk about it here, but I
prefer if they didn’tput fluoride in the water.
Mm-hmm.- Yeah. But, online shopping.
Yeah, I’ll get my new cap, my new glasses.
And I’ll do a nice littleInstagram post for
your all. Your accent soundsparticularly
strong today. Is it?- Mm-hmm. Because I just
had a coffee. Mm-hmm, it might be your
cap. Oh yeah, if people… I gave up coffee

this time last year. Mm-hmm. And I have
succumbedto the caffeine again, and I feel
so much better. (chuckles) No, don’t go
back. Two cups a day, maximum,won’t have
any more. Oh no, it was a half a cup. Yeah,
but when you makecoffee in the morning
you refuse to make me likea decaf or a half
caff. So, it depends… (both chuckles)
Because when I wake upbut I’m like the half
caff then you always say like at work, “wait a
minute, why am I still tired?” “Why am I still
asleep?” – Cool, well, we’ll end it there.
Okay. Yeah, oh, yes. If you’re here on
YouTube… This is both on YouTubeand the
podcast on Apple… I know.- What? So like
talking topeople at the same time. Oh yeah.
So if you’re onYouTube, then check out…
Well, if you’re anywhere,check out the

description cause I’ll have links for you. And
we’ll see if we canleave some key phrases
for you there as well,but we’ll have links to
the story about Amazon and that whole,
how they took over. Links to our
friend’ssubscription, you know, and some
other things inAsheville, Asheville Tea
company. – Yeah, well, I am also, you know, I
hope that we weren’tspeaking too quickly.
This time we’ve clearly had alot of coffee
and done a lot of online shopping, sowe’re
really energized. Yeah, well, and we
don’tspend that much time together. (both
chuckles) We’re kind of excited about it. Did
you buy the cap? Yeah.- When’s it coming? I
don’t know, I don’t know. Can I do a Kate’s
question? – Yeah, do a Kate’s question. So
my question is, if you shop online, what

makes you want to buy something? Yeah, I
think also, I’vethink about if advertising
works on you. Well, that’s kind of my
question. Like, what makes you buy online?
What do you buy online? If anything. And
yeah, we asked the question before about
Amazon as well. Oh yeah. Thank you for
being here. I’ll speak to you soon. Ba-bye.